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Eight Ways To Get Your Home in Tip Top Shape Prior to Selling It

Updated: May 1, 2018

. . . And Maximize the Most Income!

Many people want to know what the secret is to getting the most out of their real estate and to appeal to most consumers looking for real estate today. This post will guide you through doing many of those things to help get the most dollars when selling your property.

1 Paint the Interior

Most buyers appreciate a good fresh coat of paint and this will help enhance your properties value. It will also help brighten your rooms by giving them a new clean appearance. Stay away from bold and bright colours and focus more on lighter and softer earth tone shades. This will also help make the rooms feel larger and appeal to a bigger group of potential buyers.

2 Paint the Exterior

Curb appeal is important and there is nothing worse for a Real Estate professional to try and market a home that has peeling paint or is in desperate need of painting. Of course depending on the time of year and the weather conditions you might not be able to paint the exterior but if at all possible paint the exterior. As noted with the interior suggestion of using soft lighter neutral colours do the same for painting the outside of your home. Stay away from bright colours that others may not like.

3 Pick Up Any Outside Debris, Trash or Clutter

First impressions make a huge impact on potential buyers. Should your property have unwanted clutter at the initial greeting to consumers when your property is shown it will not help in the marketing and selling of your home. A few hard hours of raking cleaning and picking up odds and ends could add “thousands” to the sales price of your home.

4 Reduce Extras and Odds and Ends From Your Hom

Rooms with too much furniture or decorations can often detract from the showing of your home. Usually too much décor can make the rooms look smaller and hurt your chances of selling your home. Store unneeded furniture or items that you can do without during the marketing stage of your property listing. Your goal is to make your property look spacious and comfortable. Buyers also want to see rooms that appear and look spacious to them.

5 Open Blinds and Draperies

This is a great idea to help aid the salesperson sell your home. When your property is in tip top shape and ready to show, having as much light as possible helps brighten your home and give it a good feel.

6 Price Your Property Right From The Beginning

Many buyers take the approach and attitude that they can always come down on price. This can be a bad thing to do. Many buyers feel if a home has been listed for a long time that there is something wrong with it. Most agents will tell you that the best activity occurs during the first two to three weeks of the listing begin date. After a few weeks the activity will begin to taper off and showings will cease. If your home is priced incorrectly from the beginning it will not get a lot of showings and the longer your home is on the market the more buyers will feel that it’s tainted or something’s wrong with the price.

7 Have Your Carpets Cleaned

It’s a good idea to have your carpets cleaned or your hardwood floors polished or waxed. This is normally not too expensive and can usually add a lot of appeal to potential buyers.

8 Hire a Staging Company

If possible hire a staging company to help show you ways to maximize room appeal and value to your residence. I offer a complimentary staging consultation as part of my marketing package. Feel free to ask me about it!



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