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Originally from Tanzania, East Africa, I have lived in Calgary since 2000. I have had the privilege of witnessing and experiencing the growth of this
vibrant city, and am so proud of all that it has to offer.

I have acquired knowledge and understanding of the communities and amenities that make up this wonderful city and its surrounding areas, and I will leverage this knowledge to provide exceptional
client experiences.

I am an avid and enthusiastic life long learner who believes in the value of an ongoing pursuit of professional development opportunities and

My journey into Real Estate began when I was in high school. I remember proudly declaring my intention to pursue a career in real estate to my guidance counsellor.

"Real Estate?", my guidance counsellor repeated, "...that's a sales have to be pushy and aggressive in sales, you're not that kind of a person Linda, you're a helper! Why don't you go into a helping profession?"

And so, at the guidance of my counsellor, I obtained my Bachelor of Social Work degree, and then a Master of Counselling Psychology degree. I dedicated 10 years helping individuals achieve their wellness goals in the counselling and mental health fields.

After buying and selling real estate as a client however, I realized that real estate IS a helping profession. My conviction is that real estate absolutely needs to be service first, and sales second.

This realization led me to pursue a career as a Realtor®, so that I can be a helper to individuals, couples, and families aspiring to achieve their real estate dreams.

As a counsellor, I honed my ability to establish trust and rapport in order to deliver an experience that is truly client centred. I proudly bring this approach into real estate because it truly is about you, and your goals.

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