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Who is Charles?

Think of Charles like you would a butler.

Not in the sense of servitude and obedience, but as someone who carries out your personal affairs with discretion and civility at all times.


Our aim is to fit seamlessly into the lives of our clients by creating emotional connections that makes them feel good by anticipating what they need and how we can help them accomplish their goals.

Expressed in a different way, this means that serving has become the new selling. Trendwatching, a consumer trends analysis company, tagged this shift as a move toward brand butlering. This describes how Charles has been structured from the very start.

Today’s wired, no-nonsense, impatient and empowered customers increasingly expect personal and immediate access to more supportive offline and online services, particularly self-service. This is why we honed our serving skills and not our marketing skills.


We’re here to help people make the most of their lives, as opposed to the old business model which tried to “sell” people a specific lifestyle.

Charles helps people buy and sell homes.


We understand at times tensions can be strained, but our agents are trained to be discreet, polite and to maintain a professional and cheerful demeanor at all times. This is the essence of Charles.


Now, how can we help you?

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